Monday, November 17, 2008


Once upon a time a girl and a boy whose names are Justin and Jaynelle had kids whose names are Jakob, Jolie, and Jensen and they are family and they were happily ever after.

The Attacking Cheese

Once upon a time there was a cheese trying to attack my house. And then he tried to eat the house. And then he was going to eat his foot, but he thought he should not. And then he wanted some cheese. He saw some cheese and then he smelled the cheese and then he wanted to eat it. And this family was the Millers. But the cheese was still hungry. He found some more cheese that was great. And then he said, “Wow! That cheese looks so yummy. Oh, I think that’s just a yummy cheese.”

Sharing Her Creativity

Jolie has decided to start a blog in order to share her stories, illustrations, and art with all of you.

She hopes you like her work.